What we believe – #bettertransport

What we believe – #bettertransport

Stafford and Stone Green Party have our own specific commitments in our local manifesto about transport, and in particular around opposition to HS2. Whilst this isn’t as hot a topic on the doorsteps, HS2 in particular is an issue that many people in Stafford are deeply opposed to. The Green Party nationally has set out it’s approach to #bettertransport in the video below.

Britain was the first country in the world to build a railway system.

But it was also one of the first to close lines and stations and then privatise the trains.

We need proper public transport that takes us where we want to go, affordably and reliably.

We will: – Return the railways to public hands to stop profits being put before passengers. – Introduce an immediate cut in fares of 10% to give passengers a much-needed financial break. – Promote walking and cycling to help reduce pollution and improve people’s health.

For #BetterTransport #VoteGreen2015 on 7 May