Support Us

There are many different ways you can support Stafford & Stone Green Party and we would welcome your help in any way you are able to give it.



Stafford and Stone Green Party is run entirely by volunteers. You can help us with simple things such as liking our Facebook page, displaying a Vote Green poster in your window or leafleting your street. You might like to help by chatting to voters at election time (canvassing), or bring your skills to assist with fundraising events or developing our media presence.

Whatever you can do, it will help to spread the message and get more Greens elected.

You can choose exactly how you’d like to help and when, by clicking here and filling in your details. We’ll then get in touch!


Fighting elections, running campaigns and keeping in touch with voters all cost money. The establishment parties have rich corporate backers funding them. In contrast, the Green Party relies on small donations from its members and supporters.

If you would like to chip in to support us financially you can either:

  1. Send a cheque made payable to Stafford and Stone Green Party to The Treasurer S&SGP, 50 St Leonards Avenue, Stafford ST17 4LT. Please include your name, address and telephone number in a covering note in case we need to contact you
  2. Donate securely via PayPal using your debit or credit card. Using this method means a small percentage of your donation goes to PayPal but it is instant and hassle-free. Click on the link below.

All donations, no matter how large or small, are greatly appreciated.

Green Party in Stafford Town Centre


Be part of the Green Surge and join the fastest growing political party in Britain – we’ve just broken the 60,000 mark!

We’re a truly democratic party and our policies are written and decided by members at our twice-yearly conferences. Subscription rates are fair, based on ability to pay, starting at just £5 per year. You’ll receive a copy of Green World magazine four times a year, a monthly members’ newsletter, access to our members’ website and invitations to national, regional and local events. If you live in the Stafford or Stone area you will automatically become a member of Stafford and Stone Green Party and will be able to participate fully in the running of the group. Joining takes just a couple of minutes – click here to join online or ring 020 7549 0310.


The only way to get the kind of government you want is to vote for it. So if you would like to see:

  • A public NHS
  • A fair economy that works for all
  • Secure, affordable housing
  • A safe climate with fossil free, affordable energy
  • Quality education with no tuition fees
  • Better transport, making public transport public

Vote for Change. Vote Green on May 7th.

There are Green Party candidates in all constituencies in Staffordshire. Mike Shone is our candidate in Stafford – for more details click here. Wenslie Naylon is our candidate in Stone – for more details click here.

We have candidates standing in about half of the wards in the Stafford Borough Council elections on the same day – for details of our candidates please click here.