Clean up the Crossings

Clean up the Crossings

The crossings development was completed and signed off quite some time ago, and the developer, Persimmon Homes, has sold all of the properties, and contracted out the maintenance to a third party – Greenbelt Maintenance.

One would expect this to mean that the bins get emptied, the green space is well maintained and when things get broken, they are fixed in good time. Ordinarily, when this takes place over a period of time, then the council will consider adopting the site, and taking over the maintenance of it.

As residents of the area you will know that this hasn’t happened. as yet, but I’m sure you would like to see it happen. Doug Rouxel, Green Party Candidate for Forebridge ward in the local elections in May said

“This is an issue which has been raised by a number of residents, and something which I have tried to get the relevant parts of the council to deal with, but there is currently inaction on all sides.”

Sadly, this has left the residents of the area stuck in the middle, getting nowhere. The council’s environmental health and streetscene workers won’t deal with the problem because the site is not adopted. The planning department seem unable to do anything to ensure the developer behaves in an acceptable way. The developer has passed on the responsibility to a third party. The residents of the area need action now, not deadlock, and inaction. If you want to see these things improve, then sign our petition below, and spread the word.

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