End the use of animals in circuses

End the use of animals in circuses

Circuses have been around in one form or another for thousands of years and the campaign against the use of performing animals has been around for a hundred years.

The training methods used by circuses have come in for significant criticism. The methods used have included both torture and starvation. As the methods used to train animals in circuses became more well known, the popularity of these performances began to fade.

Today in the UK there are still two circuses using wild animals such as tigers, lions, camels, zebras, reindeer and snakes. There are around nine still using domestic animals like horses, dogs and budgies.

The Coalition government promised to ban wild animals in circuses in April 2014. A former Labour MP, Jim Fitzpatrick took the government’s bill and presented it as a private members bill, with support from all the main political parties. This bill has been blocked several times by three Conservative MP’s, Andrew Rosindell, Christopher Chope and Philip Davies.

The Green Party would end the use of all animals in circuses, it is never right that animals suffer for our entertainment. Forcing animals into performances under extreme conditions using the same negative training methods as wild animals. The methods used include food and water deprivation, this involves both pain and fear to establish authority over the animals to force out the required performance.

Animals who are not performing are often tied up or restricted to small cages which can cause mental stress. According to Animal Defenders International, studies show that circus horses experience weight loss, increased aggression and increased anxiety.

Stafford thankfully is no longer visited by circuses like Peter Jollies with wild animals but is still the venue for Mr Fips Wonder Circus each spring on Stafford common. Mr Fips circus uses horses in their performances.

The use of animals as entertainment in the circus is cruel, out-dated and unnecessary.

If you wish to experience incredible acrobatic performances, look into going to one of the animal free circuses like Cirque du Soleil (see link below for others).

How can you help to end the use of all animals in circuses.

  • Write to your MP stating you wish to see a ban on wild animals in circuses that you also wish to see followed by a ban on domestic animals.
  • Write to your local authority stating that you disagree with any permission they give for any animal circus to use local authority land.
  • Sign the petitions available online.
  • Help to educate others.
  • Encourage an animal free circus to visit your town.

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