Our NHS is the most effective public service that we have ever created. But competition has poisoned it and privatisation is eroding it bit by bit. That’s why we need to take the profit motive out of healthcare and restore a public NHS that will last fo... read more

We all want where we live to feel like home, to feel safe and secure. The Coalition has made this more difficult by pushing through the hated bedroom tax for social tenants, allowing landlords free rein to raise rents faster than inflation, and failing to... read more

The traditional Westminster parties are failing to act as guardians of our planet. They are putting our homes at risk of flooding and watching as native species are driven to extinction by temperature rises. Meanwhile they back the big corporations who ar... read more

Britain is one of the wealthiest nations in the world but this wealth isn’t being shared fairly. We currently have an economic system that prioritises growth in company profits over the wellbeing of society. This has seen money concentrated in the hands... read more

We have world class universities, brilliant teachers and talented students. But by putting a price tag on education, running schools as businesses and making them exam factories we are wasting children’s potential and stifling creativity. We can free ed... read more

Stafford and Stone Green Party have our own specific commitments in our local manifesto about transport, and in particular around opposition to HS2. Whilst this isn’t as hot a topic on the doorsteps, HS2 in particular is an issue that many people in... read more

The growth of The Green Party of England and Wales over the last 8 months has been meteoric. The party had just under 18,000 members in September 2014, and the total membership of the party now stands at over 60,000 members. At the spring conference held ... read more

As part of their series talking to all of the parliamentary candidates for the Stafford constituency, Stafford FM has talked to Mike Shone – here is the video of it.

Circuses have been around in one form or another for thousands of years and the campaign against the use of performing animals has been around for a hundred years. The training methods used by circuses have come in for significant criticism. The methods u... read more