A growing party

A growing party

The growth of The Green Party of England and Wales over the last 8 months has been meteoric. The party had just under 18,000 members in September 2014, and the total membership of the party now stands at over 60,000 members. At the spring conference held in Liverpool, the venue had to be changed at the last minute to accommodate the significant rise in membership. This rise in membership makes the party one of the largest Green Parties in Europe, and larger than UKIP and the Liberal Democrats.

The rise in membership is not something that has passed Stafford and Stone by. There were only around 30 members of the local party at this time last year, but now the party has over 100 members.

The new members are not just here to make up numbers, they are getting involved in campaigns, helping run this website, taking photos and even standing as candidates in the local elections.

The growth of The Green Party both nationally and locally is a sign that we are now a significant fixture on the political map, and will be making a challenge to the politics as usual approach of the 3 main parties.

You can join online here, or attend one of our local meetings and find out what we are about first here.